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Desert Concierge's main and influential endeavor for 20 years in the desert valley is to help our hundreds of clients with tennis tournament tickets and local business information.

Desert Concierge presents a useful and comprehensive Web Site; it's detailed web pages have been found to be more user friendly and definitely offer better and complete information. DC assists local residents, businesses and visitors to plan ahead and make educated decisions for their pleasure.

Desert Concierge's

    D A  high resolution photo to help locate your business.
    D A brief and accurate "Directions".
    D A complete list of details.
    D A link to your business web site.
    D A Google map to assist with directions

 D MOST IMPORTANT, When listed with www.desertconcierge.com YOU can enter weekly specials, a notice of importance or change any of your pertinent information 24/7.

D Our client’s rate us with high accolades and have confidence in us from our 19 years of services for them.
D Totally quick and user friendly web pages.
D More complete information in one place.
D Huge advantage - Search Results that Sort by category.
D Hotel Persons have an Information center for Guests.
D Guests receive FAQ answers immediately…no holding.
D Clients are in need of reservations.

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